What makes Black Tie Affair so different form other tuxedo stores?

Contrary to the usual tuxedo store routine we feel it is imperative to always do a complete fitting.  It is also necessary to have the customer put the whole style on to insure both a great fit and the best appearance for the customer.


What is a complete fitting?

It means that when selecting and fitting a tuxedo, you put the whole outfit on which includes shirt, pants, vest, tie, cufflinks, studs, shoes and coat.  We feel that this is the only way to be certain you have selected the right style as well as the only way to really get a proper fitting.  Short cutting this is the start of many possible problems.


Don’t all stores do complete fittings?

No.  While the traditional tuxedo store fitting is more economical for the store being so much easier and quicker it doesn’t allow the customer to fairly choose the best look for him.  It can also lead to the reservation of the wrong sizes, a problem that many times cannot be remedied on pick-up day.


How can I tell that a style is best for me?

Only by doing a complete fitting, can you be sure.


Doesn’t one always take the same size?

No, even if your physique hasn’t changed, brands and styles may require you to take another size.  This is especially true for the most discriminating.


I’ve always worn a long shouldn’t I order a long?

It really depends on the style and what your coat size was  the last time you had a good fitting.  The larger the coat size the longer the jacket will be.


Aren’t some of the requested measurements redundant?

Yes, we intentionally try to get as much information as possible to head off any potential fitting surprises.  Although we can correct fitting errors when the customer comes into our store for a complete fitting, we receive so many errors.


How long should my coat sleeves be?

On both suit and tuxedo coats, sleeves should be short enough to expose ¼” to ½”.  Shirt sleeves can vary depending on the wearers preference but should always cover the entire wrist.  Many times a coat sleeve left too long will give the impression of a coat that is too large.


Is it really possible to buy at a cost that is less than renting, is that possible?

Not really, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is.  The typical rental tuxedo is made of 100% wool.  To make a fair comparison you would need to add all elements to purchase the same or similar pieces.   Coat, pants, shirt, cummerbund or vest, tie, formal jewelry and shoes are all usually parts of a rental.  Don’t forget the service to help choose and do the alterations.  Purchasing online doesn’t give you the ability to try anything on and also has the cost of shipping.


Should our groomsmen’s accessories match the bridesmaids dresses?

It could but definitely doesn’t need to.  The more important consideration is to be sure that they compliment.  Colors would need to be compared side by side to be sure  of a certain match.  We have observed from abundant experience that although matching is fun, men in formals tend to look best without color.  They are also more comfortable with the way they look.  We have noticed that the better the groomsmen look the better the whole wedding party will look.