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This is a project long coming.  It was not created to give an impression of help through self service but instead it is simply a stepping stone for the user to truly get assistance.  There are countless possibilities, too many to display efficiently here.

By navigating through the many photos we hope you can focus in on the kind of look you imagined for that special day.

When you have zeroed in on the kind of look you want please contact us so we can help you with the options and details


About Our Style Sense

Although we may carry some looks that could be considered edgy or fashion forward we have overall become quite conservative in our offerings.  This position comes from both our own sense of style and class and from our countless experience with working with customers day to day.  We have learnt that while there will always be new styles peoples unconscious sense of formal dressing will always be molded on conservative expectations.  When we come to realize it we still expect a tuxedo to look classic.  Perhaps updated but still classic.

We have discovered, by doing ‘complete fittings’ that while there may be many styles out there, customers usually stay away from the trendy.  There are usually two concerns, one is with looking right for a special occasion but even more so there is a tendency with trendy styles being both physique and appearance sensitive.  Some styles are just not very forgiving.